Awesome Ideas of Knotty Pine Cabinets

Knotty pine cabinets are great for any kitchen design because the look of the wood with dimple details and natural wood grain can make a kitchen feel comfortable. However, these cabinets cannot look good just by standing by themselves. They need to be matched and paired with other colors and items to make the kitchen cabinets look more attractive in a kitchen space. So, there should be an overall look that should be well planned before adding kitchen cabinets.

Rustic kitchen decor with rustic walls and furniture can work well with pine cabinets. The walls can be made of wood instead of concrete. The wood used for the walls can be finished in a natural look to show the natural wood grain of the wood. This is very appropriate especially for a kitchen with unfinished kitchen cabinets. Everything in the kitchen should have matching finish with the cabinets including the floors and the furniture pieces. If you do not like the unfinished look of wood walls around your kitchen space, you can consider pairing the cabinets with white walls. White is a neutral color that matches almost any color and finish and this is also good paired with natural wood cabinets.

Not only white, light cream is also good to pair with knotty pine kitchen cabinets. Light cream has an almost similar look like wood finish, so this is good for a kitchen with cabinets made of knotty pine. If the countertop is white, the light cream walls can be accented with white trims for the windows and the doors to match the white countertop.

When decorating your kitchen, do not just consider the finish of the pine kitchen cabinets, but consider the overall look of the kitchen. You can have a certain theme or style in your room and this can be used as a guide for choosing the right color for painting the walls to match the cabinets. For example if you are making a cottage kitchen design, you can pair it with some stainless steel appliances and black kitchen islands to achieve the look. Deciding a theme will make the decorating project so much easier.

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