Suggestions of Paint Colors for Family Room

Paint colors for family room are various and are important for a house. Regardless of the basic design of the house, the atmosphere of a room can be changed drastically by painting the room with certain color. For example, a modern house design which usually has pretty wide family room can appear classic if the color is matte and pale. According to that example, it is necessary to consider paint color for a room. For family room specifically, people should know that this room is for gathering members of family. This is the place where they chat, play, watch, and does any other family activities. Therefore, the color should support those activities by painting the wall with less formal color.

Since less formal color is too abstract to define, it is actually can be derived from formal rooms in offices, schools, or any other institutions. That means, formal paint colors are colors that are used in those mentioned buildings. The colors of those buildings rooms are usually plain white, plain green, and any other soft colors. Therefore, family room paint ideas can be brighter or darker depending on the taste of the owner. However, bright colors should be measured beforehand since it will likely to hurt eyes. The bright reflection from the colors will strike the eyes directly. Fortunately it can be solved by adding some kind of screen in the light entrance point.

Just like previously mentioned, plain color is too formal. Therefore, to make the family inside the house comfortable, the wall can be painted with different colors that are alternating or gradating. One great sample is by giving a thick horizontal line either in the middle of the wall or in the lowest part of the wall. The color of the line could be similar colors or contrastive colors. Contrastive colors are effective to accentuate the lines whereas similar colors will give strong impression for overall wall. For example, if a room is painted grey as the background, the linen could be white or black. Additional color is not advised since it will only disturb the family room paint colors as a whole.

Appealing Paint Colors for Family Room

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